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New CERT Training Programs

Dear member,

First we wish you a Healthy and Happy 2018.
We believe at the Hibernia Provident Society that education is vital and key to our members, and where it can also benefit your family makes it all the more attractive. 
Many of our members through the International Emergency Response Training Group (IERTG) took part in the CERT program which we all found interesting and helpful.
Below is a message from IERTG regarding up and coming courses for this year. If you are interested please let us know and we'll set up classes. With the current climate of terrorism around the globe and here at home, these course will teach you to understand and how to react should the need be. You owe it to yourself and your family to get involved......

In the coming year we will be expanding and adding to our training, several new training sections.

We will also be asking our Residential “CERT” Managers, if they want to join our newest disaster preparedness training that we named, Residential Manager Emergency Response Team, aka RMERT.

As noted, several members that went through the old Residential “CERT” Manager course, decided to take the new one, and were surprised on how different, more educational, and more hands on this was, versus the old CERT course. In addition, when you now compare the new RMERT course against the FEMA & NYC CERT course, we are totally outside the box. CERT is for community districts, and RMERT is strictly for you the Residential Manager, your staff, and your buildings, and what may impact them, based on what's happening in the world, US and here..

For those that wish to transfer, there will be a fee for taking the newest courses, that will be given to our new outside professional instructors. If not, they still will be active members of Battery Park City CERT, the original training organization.

Just to enlighten them on the newest additions:

Workplace Security - Hardening the Target

Workplace Violence – warning signs, preventative action

Active Shooter (new)

Self Defense (new)

Enhanced Medical & Medical Triage

Good Samaritan Law – instructed by a civil attorney

Modified  – Disaster Preparedness training

Incident Command System is 100 b & 200 b (new)

Search & Rescue – the newest concept using Mt Everest guides

Fire Chemistry – High Rise Buildings Only

Use of Emergency Response Guide (ERG 2016)

Terrorism Prevention 101 (new)

Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) (new)

Shelter in Place or,

Evacuating a High-Rise Building (new)

Weapons of Mass Destruction against the building HVAC system

Decontamination & Use of NBC Mask and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Newest, modified Acute Stress Disorder training using a clinical psychologist


Also available - CPR/First Aid/AED course & Hands On 8 Hour Active Shooter Course

Important Active Shooter Advice

Many of you through the Hibernia Provident Society have taken the course Active Shooter. We should all take a moment and study the pamphlet below to be reminded of what we learnt.